About Us

Sprngpod Inc. is a Canadian startup incorporated in 2020 and incubated in the Toronto Business Development Centre, which assists high potential startups to grow and scale quickly.

The company was formed by hiving off the software business of Xperio Labs Ltd, Hong Kong (incorporated 2013) as a separate independent entity.

Our vision is to democratize the Comfort & Convenience business – To bring Comfort & Convenience to the masses by leveraging the ever-growing trend of consumers wanting to do anything & everything on their smartphones.

Our Team

Roshan D’Souza
Founder & President
  • Entrepreneur & Innovator
  • Ex President – Hathway Broadband
  • Ex VP Cisco- SPVTG India
  • 23 years experience in P&L, Sales, Product development
  • BE, MBA
Nigel Bailey
Co-Founder & CMO
  • 22+ years experience in advertising, marketing, CRM
  • Ex Grey Worldwide, TBWA
  • BSc, MBA
Ajith Nair
Co-Founder & CTO
  • Ex Cisco- CTO SPVTG (APAC)
  • 35 years experience is software and hardware engineering
  • 15 patents , 25 patents pending
  • BE,MS

Improving Lives. Increasing Productivity.

Our design thinking is based upon and inspired by


We design and engineer complex products, simply


We democratize solutions to make it attainable for anyone.


Positive social and environmental impact

Our manifesto

  • We believe in the power of human touch.
  • And the impact of technology.
  • In our world,
  • We engineer complex technologies; simply.
  • We connect.
  • We enable.
  • We include the human touch; naturally.
  • We empower.
  • We make a difference.
  • We include.
  • In our world, smart living is for everyone.


We partner with some of the best brands in the tech space.