Communify your living spaces.

SPRNGPOD helps real estate developers and operators deliver not just smart homes, but smart living spaces that are cost-effective, scalable and simple to operate.

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We are inspired by the European Union’s definition of Smart Living:

Smart Living is a trend encompassing advancements that give people the opportunity to benefit from new ways of living. It involves original and innovative solutions aimed at making life more efficient, more controllable, economical, productive, integrated and sustainable.

Our platform, SPRNGPOD, provides property developers a single touch point to deploy smart homes, and connect residents to local mom and pop shops.

SPRNGPOD provides residents a tool to connect with the neighborhood, order, pay for and consume services.

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SPRNGPOD, our award-winning digital platform is built around seniors who want to lead highly independent lives and are overwhelmed by the digital world

We recognize their need for independence, and we make it simple for them to request/demand and consume anything and everything via their mobile devices.

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I'm a CXO I'm from Marketing


We recognize the propensity of millennials and Generation Z to demand and consume anything and everything via their mobile devices.

Our mobile platform, SPRNGPOD, connects the student to the community so they can enjoy the convenience of discovering, ordering , paying for, consuming and controlling multiple digital services (smart living, video streaming, physical security and a hyperlocal marketplace)

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