Smart home technology isn’t just made for the single-family homeowner. Multifamily builders and property management companies are taking full benefit of the technology open now. It would be remarkably smart for all managers to consider the whole spectrum of benefits and offer these features when developing a property.

  • Game-changing IOT solution, not requiring a gateway
  • OTT solution; No or low capital expenditure
  • Converged services, with a simple, intuitive and elegant UI / UX
  • Hyperlocal marketplace digitizes the community services and businesses transforming the MDU it into a Digital Habitat.

SPRNGPOD, our smart platform to enable quick and cost-effective digitization and automation, easily implemented in apartments and houses with no / low capex.

Smart Community Research :
Findings by McKinsey & Other Consulting Firms

Boost Sales

- 82.0 percent respondents agreed that Smart Home technology streamlines a home sale.

- 39.8 percent respondents found it helped a sale always or very frequently.

Buyers Choice

- 35% percent of first-time homebuyers said they incorporated smart devices in their home renovation.

- 31 percent of repeat buyers included smart devices in their home renovation.

Smart Locks

Smart locks provide significantly tighter security and eliminate the need to change locks when renters move out (saving an average of $153 to hire a locksmith per unit).

Smart Thermostat

15-23 % cost savings on electricity bills achieved by installing a smart thermostat.



SPRNGPOD Advantages




Gateway-less architecture Eliminates Capex, Installation, Maintenance costs & points of failure
Unified Communication Eliminates intercom system; Residents can use their mobile phone
Video Calls
Audio Calls
Streaming Video Remote viewing of properties
Property Tour
Digital Signage
Local Events
Access Multi-Access; Save money by reducing fobs/keys management
Suite Access
Common Area
Automation Energy saving and appliance control
Security Monitor and secure your spaces
Nanny Cams
Smart Notifications Alerts residents to reduce energy consumption & buy local
AI powered
On Demand New revenue streams and better resident experience
Marketplace Adds New Revenue streams
Facilities Support (CRM) Pre integrated with CRM
Booking of Spaces Convenience for Resident , Cost savings for Apartments operators/Condos
Maintenance Service Requests
Select Plan Select Plan Select Plan


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